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Avoiding Runs on Your Hosiery


Sick and tired of seeing those ghastly runs on your stockings or hoses? Here are a few tipz to keep your hosiery on tip-top shape:

Let’s start at the very bottom of it. Keep your toe nails short and filed. Jagged-edged nails can wreak havoc on your hose and that is even before you’ve put on your pair.

Keep your legs smooth. Shave or apply moisturizer on your skin and let it dry before putting on your hose.

Sit on the end of the bed or a chair and gently roll the hose up your leg. Keep your shoes beside you so you don’t have to walk wherever you keep your shoes, and ruin your hose.

If you are wearing tights and need to pull them down when you take trips to the bathroom, remember to gently pull them back up. Watch your fingernails or jewelry so the material won’t snag.


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