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Avoiding Shoe Water Damage


Water can do a lot of damage on a good pair of shoes if one is not careful. Here are some tips on how to prolong the lifespan of your shoes by keeping them from getting water damage.

Apply water repellent on your shoes right after purchasing them. You can buy repellents or water sealers. Just check which products are appropriate for the materials of your shoes before you actually apply them. Follow the directions to the letter and you’ll do fine.

Avoid moisture. There is some damp which you can avoid and there are those which aren’t. Even if you waterproof your shoes, it doesn’t mean that you can stomp on every rain puddle you see. The best way to protect shoes from water damage is to actually avoid water. Consider wearing an older pair

If your shoes do get damp make sure that you dry them as soon as you can. Keep them somewhere dry and warm. Just place crumpled paper inside so they retain their original shape. If your shoes gets mud or dirt while getting wet, clean first rub with a damp cloth before drying. Once they are fully dry, store them in a dry place.


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