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Be a Nice Person

Happy Teen

Surprised to find out that there are people who don’t like you? Maybe you’re not as nice as you think you are. Sometimes we don’t realize it, but our more unlikeable selves get through and that’s what turn some people off. Not that we should please everybody, but it won’t hurt to keep ourselves in check. Here are some tips on how to be nicer:

Admit you have flaws. No one is perfect. If you are as good or as smart as you think you are, then you should have been given a prize for it. Admit that like any other person, you have flaws as well as strengths. Don’t act as if you know everything. Be willing to learn and allow others to teach you if they are

Be happy. Everyone has issues, but other people don’t need to be on the receiving end of your own temper tantrum. Anger can make you do things that you do not mean. So before you blow your steam off at some poor person, count to ten and breathe. Vent it out on something, and not someone. Think happy thoughts.

Listen. We often get carried away of our personal causes that we tend to rattle off about them, to the point that we are too busy to listen to what other people have to say about theirs. Not only that, we also sometimes fail to keep an open mind. So what if your co-worker does not believe in something of which you are an advocate (biggest fan, recognize!). If he respects you for your beliefs, then you should respect his too.

Follow the golden rule. Treat others the way that you want to be treated. I’m sure nobody here likes to be mistreated, right?


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