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Be More Punctual

Watching Time

Always showing up late at work, at functions, and other scheduled appointments is considered rude and inconsiderate. If you have this nasty malady, here are some suggestions on how to cure it:

Gather all your clocks and watches and set them all 10 minutes ahead of time. Try not to set it in your mind that your time is always 10 minutes in advance. Just go by the time indicated on your clock or watch. Think of it as the actual time.

Allow yourself an extra 10 minutes in the morning. Waking up 10 minutes early will allow you to get ready in normal pace and avoid rushing, which causes people to be more late. Try to time yourself once when you do all your morning routine and find out which tasks you can do more efficiently to save time. A little planning goes a long way.

If your lateness is caused by not waking up early enough, set two alarm clocks. Place them where you can’t hit the snooze button, or better yet somewhere where you’d have to stand up and walk before you can turn it off. Just resist the urge to flop back into bed.

Shave time off appointments. If your schedule says that you have to be at work by 9 AM, target 8:45.  This will help you move faster and even if you are a few minutes late, you’ll still be early for your appointment.


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