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Behaving in a Theater


Manners has its place everywhere, and this time, we’ll discuss its relevance in a theater! There’s nothing worse than enjoying a good show only to be interrupted by some rude fellow. Here are some tips on how to behave properly in a theater:

Dress appropriately. Some shows require their audience to come in more formal attire. But even if the show allows casual wear, do wear something appropriate. Coming in in short pants and a tank top may not be that.

Be punctual. Theaters do close their doors once a show starts and are only opened again during intermission. So in order for you (and others) to begin the show in peace, be on time at the start of the show and during the second half.

Go to the restrooms
before the show and avoid drinking anything so you won’t have to get up. It’s rather rude to interrupt people while in the middle of the show.

Silence is a virtue.
Laughing or clapping your hands whenever applicable is fine, but talking and using your cellphone is highly inappropriate.

Turn off your cellphones. Not only will the signal can jam audio systems, they not only annoy fellow audiences but they can also distract the actors!

Drinks and food are not allowed in the theater.
Don’t even try sneaking them in. Candy wrappers can be loud in a silent theater. They too can distract performances.


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