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Being a Newbie in a New Job


Being new at a job can be both exciting and yes, worrying. But don’t sweat it. Here are some suggestions on how to smoothly transition to your new job:

Keep your eyes and ears open.
Learn everything you can about the company – the organization, the goals of the company, the culture of the workplace, etc.  These will help you modify your own career goals and it will also help you how to deal not only with the new job, but with the new people and the environment as well.

Focus on learning the ropes of doing your tasks. Listen well during training. Ask help if you need it and remember how a particular task is supposed to be done. Familiarize yourself with your project – the deliverables, the deadlines, and the timeline. Also, try to get to know the people you’ll be dealing with most of the time. If you need to update skills, try to learn them using your own time.

Do your best but do not overdo it. Despite your best intentions, you don’t want people to think that you’re a recognition seeker. Just focus on your immediate tasks and give yourself time to get in the groove. Enjoy the novelty of a newbie.

Network. Practice your people skills. Make new friends. Remember to act professional and avoid getting entangled in gossip. Keep your opinions about the company to yourself.

Reward yourself when you’ve made it after the probationary period. Call your new friends at work. You did well and you deserve to celebrate.


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