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Being Neighborly


I guess you’ve heard about the neighbors from hell. If you’re lucky, you get the opposite. Personally I’d really like to have the latter. Here are some tips on how to develop good neighbor relations:

If and when you move into a new neighborhood, forget about being shy. Within a few days of moving in, “hop over the fence” of your immediate neighbors and introduce yourself. This will help break the ice. Same with someone moving in the neighborhood. If they are your immediate neighbors, wait a few days after they have arrived and introduce yourself (bringing them food is a plus).

Be considerate.
Use the golden rule. Never do things that you wouldn’t want to be done to you. Keep your pets in your own yard. Keep your noise down to a decent level. And tell your kids not to run their bikes over the neighbor’s rose bushes.

A hello or a smile when you meet your neighbors outside your house can do wonders. If you’re having a get together, you can always make a point to invite them too. They may or may not accept but showing them that you’d love the presence of their company speaks a lot.

Some neighbors may end up being crappy, but why include yourself in their group? Being nice doesn’t hurt and most often than not, you’re treated nicely in return as well.


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