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Child-proof Entertainment System


Protect your kids from accidents by making your entertainment system child-proof. Or is it protecting the entertainment system from your kids. Depends on your priority I guess. Haha!

The most obvious thing to do is to keep your entertainment system concealed. You can use an armoir  (some of which you can get in thrift shops. Just sand and re-paint or re-varnish if needed) or have a cabinet built for it.  If your kids can get to it, then expect poking, pressing, and pushing. Do not be surprised if you see teeth marks on wires, and the remote.

Keep the speakers away from the kids by using speaker stands. However, these are expensive, so they next best thing to do is to place them in spots where they won’t be usually reached like a sidetable or a bookshelf. You can even have them way up high.   Anyway, they should be arranged around the room at the very top corners of the room if the ceilings are at a normal heigth for optimal sound.

Never leave the remote controls in plain sight. Put them back in the armoir or place them on a high shelf if not needed.

Don’t forget clips or zipper for the cables and wires. You may also buy flexible coil wraps to avoid the danger of electrocution because they were gnawing through wires. Tape cables to the floor.

Lastly, keep your child away. Don’t put toys near the entertainment system or on top of the TV and speakers. These will only tempt your children to go near them


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