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Cleaning Fur from the Furniture

Pet Hug

Do you have problems keeping your pets from shedding on the furniture, rugs, and other surfaces in your home? Here are some suggestions to make sure you keep your home fur-free:

Vacuum daily. You don’t have to get the entire house vacuumed, just follow the trail of animal traffic (where your pets usually walk).

Purchase a fur magnet from the home and garden section of your local pet store. These gadgets are used to scrape fur from furniture and clothes. The fur simply gathers together and you can just bunch them up and throw them. Other variants of this fur magnet come in lint brush types and sticky paper.

Cheaper alternatives to the ones above is the use the adhesive side of duct tape and a clean dryer sheet to collect fur from furniture. You can also use a balloon by letting the static electricity pick up the fur.

Brush your pet.
Groom your pets outside and brush the fur off. This will help in lessening the shedding inside the house.


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