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Cleaning Stuffed Toys

LS_Stuffed Hippo

Does you or anyone at home collects stuffed animals? They may be cute but if you do not take care of them properly, they can be very good dust collectors. To avoid getting allergies, here are some tips on how to clean teddy bears and other stuffed toys:

Like articles of clothing, the first thing you need to do is to check the label of the stuffed toy. Usually it indicates there the instructions for cleaning. Most stuffed toys are for “dry clean only.”

If this is the case, sprinkle the the toy with baking soda and place in a large paper bag. Hold the bag tightly at the opening and shake¬† vigorously. Get your trusted vacuum cleaner. Make sure that the fiber part is attached so it won’t touch the surface of the toy. Vacuum the fibers gently.

For washable stuffed animals, you may place the toy in a wash net or a large pillow case and wash on gentle cycle in your washing machine. Spot treat and check if the seams are holding up. Only use mild detergent.

You can dry wet stuffed toys by placing them in a clean pillow case and hang them out to dry. Try not to use a dryer because the heat might damage the fabric.


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