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Conducting Staff Evaluation


Staff evaluation is necessary as it measures the performance of employees. This will be the basis for possible promotion or it can go the other way- termination. Here are some factors you would need to consider when formulating a proper system for staff evaluation.

Have your HR department (or an HR consultant if you have a very small company) come up with a standard evaluation format. This may be as simple or as complex as needed. This may also include self evaluation if your company would appreciate to take into consideration how an employee sees himself.

Base an individual’s evaluation on his job description.
This is a very simple, effective, and not to mention- fair guide when it comes to checking an employee’s performance and his ability to complete his tasks. Of course, just be sure that job descriptions are updated before you star with the evaluation process.

Aside from the usual discussion of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, you may also want to focus on the goals an employee has. This will be his opportunity to voice out what he expects from the company.

An employee evaluation may be conducted anywhere. But try to prepare a place where the staff won’t feel as if they are being interrogated. Making the evaluation process relaxing and informal would help make the employees communicate more openly.

Conduct short follow-up interviews throughout the year (preferably every quarter). This would provide continuity, making the next staff evaluation a lot easier to conduct. It would also help the employees perform better not only because they know that the company keeps track of their performances, but because they know that their own expectations and desire to grow professionally are being taken into consideration by the company.


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