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Coping with an Incompetent Boss


It’s really sad when a promising employee has the misfortune of working for an incompetent boss. All hopes of being trained and looking up to a mentor is lost because you find yourself without a leader. If you find yourself in a similar situation, here’s what you should do.

Shine. Whatever happens, don’t let your talent get lost in your boss’ overwhelming inefficiency. Be as smart and creative as you can and don’t be scared to voice out your original ideas.

Secure your files and keep original copies and sketches of all your pet ideas. There is a tendency among incompetent bosses to be insecure. If your boss is like this, be careful. Email your initiatives to your boss and include concerned office mates in you’re the loop so everyone will know they came from you.

Build your own reputation and don’t keep in the background. If you know you’ve got talent, don’t be afraid to share it. Speak up during brainstorming sessions. You need other people than your boss to testify that you are indeed proficient.

If your boss is getting in the way of your promotion, defer to a higher authority. While this should be the second-to-the-last straw, you need to have your career stymied by someone incompetent. If it fails, look for another job. You with your qualifications can score a better job offer. Scout the job market and leave your boss in his turf.


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