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Dealing with an Angry Friend


Friendship, like any other relationships, has its ups and downs. At one point or another, friends would have to experience some troubling times that would challenge the strength of their relationship. So let’s say your BFF just starts to distance herself from you, or suddenly confronts you with something. How do you deal with it?

The first thing to do is to try and talk to them, calmly and rationally. Never meet hostility with hostility. Nothing will be resolved and this could be the last conversation you’ll ever have with your friend.

Find out the reason why she is angry with you. Is it really your fault, or is she just lashing at you because she’s angry for some other reason? If it is your fault, then sincerely apologize for hurting her feelings and explain your actions. You may also defend your actions if you feel that you have to.

If she is willing to talk about it, listen carefully to what she is both saying and not saying. If she is not willing to talk, then back off. Talk to her some other time. Just let her blow off her steam for a bit.

If after a discussion your friend still resents you, give her time and space. Time is a healer and they do say that patience is a virtue. Let your friend’s anger subside. Give your friend some time and much needed breather to reflect about the situation.

If you feel that the friendship is worth saving, then be sure that your friend knows that you are willing for a reconciliation.

Real friendships are hard to come by so be sure that you handle the situation carefully. Good luck!


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