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Dealing with Mean People



Having to be with mean people (especially at work) on a daily basis can be stressful. So how do you deal with them without having to put up with their evil ways, yet not to aggravate them so they won’t be even meaner? Here are some suggestions on exactly how:

Avoid them like the plague. Don’t have anything to do with them if you can. Have as little contact with this person as much as possible. If not, then take a deep breath and hang in there.

The first thing you need to remember is that they don’t control you. Don’t let their meanness dictate how you should go about your day. That bully is just another person. Focus instead on your work and other daily tasks. The mean person has no importance in your life and that is that.

Mean people can never be truly happy, except when they see other people unhappy too. So what you do is to not let them get to you. If you become angry, you make the bully happy. You can instead be pleasant and kind. This will confuse the bully and that mean person will likely stay away from you.


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