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Doing Stress-free Homework


Helping children with their homework need not be a daily war between the kids and the parents. Instead, it should be an opportunity for learning and bonding.

The key here is to establish a more relaxed and positive attitude towards homework. To do this is to make doing homework part of everyday life. This way, children will do homework like a habit.

Make a schedule. Make sure that it is on a reasonable time. Doing homework when the child is hungry or too full won’t get you anywhere. You can have homework time 30 minutes after the children got home from school. You can let them rest and eat snacks during those 30 minutes. Never push your children to do their homework when they are genuinely tired.

It is important that you do not let them play or watch TV before homework. Otherwise they’d be distracted. Have a quiet and comfortable room where they can do their homework. Be present so you’ll be there when they need to ask something. If they’re comfortable doing homework on their own, let them and check once they are done.

Try buying or making flash cards and other fun study supplements that you can use for your children when helping them with their homework. This way, homework sessions will be fun instead of stressful.


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