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Dressing to De-emphasize Ample Breasts

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Some females who have ample bosoms find it frustrating when it comes to finding tops and dresses which would not only fit, but also would be able to de-emphasize their breasts.

Wear the right bra. Sometimes it’s not the top, but that bra that can make a lot of difference. Have yourself measured when you go to your favorite lingerie boutique or the underwear section of your favorite department store. Make sure that the bra fits comfortable and nothing overflows or pinches.

When wearing shirts, make sure that you choose those that are loose and simple. Cotton is a good comfortable material. Do not go for form fitting materials such as spandex. Check the bust part of the shirt. If it stretches the material too much then it’s too tight. Do not tuck your shirt in.

Wear dark colored tops as they make anything appear smaller.
Open-collared styles and not too low V-neck cuts break the line from your shoulder to your chest, de-emphasizing the size of your breasts.


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