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Dressing up for Less


During these crazy times when  spending is the last thing people do, it is always best to try and save on anything we can. One of the most expensive necessities is clothing. Here are some tips on how to dress your family up for less.

Designate your clothes. You should have clothes for work, which you will wear only for work. You should also have clothes for when you’re only staying at home. This way, not all your clothes will have the same degree of wear and tear. You also won’t have to buy clothes all that often.

Take good care of clothes and handle them properly.
This means reading the directions on the tags of clothing. If you wash colored clothes in cold water, it will help prevent fading as well. Washing delicate items by hand and using mild soap will prevent rips. Again, the best way to save on clothes is not to replace them often.

If your family has older children, kids’ clothes can be passed on to the younger ones. Kids of the same age can also share. Just try to make adjustments or repairs as needed. This way, your children won’t have to be ashamed of wearing hand-me-downs to school. A little explanation about your economic situation will also help.

Another option is to trade clothing with family and friends. There are items that you may no longer wear but which your friend would gladly have and vice versa.

If you are set on buying clothes though, there are also ways to buy less expensive items. You can check clearance racks. Some clothing can be season specific and there are times when stores have extra stock which they put on sale. You can also save money if you wait for sales. This way you can buy in bulk without ruining your budget. Thrift shops and dollar stores are also places where you can buy less expensive clothing, especially if you are just buying for stuff that you would use for everyday wear.


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