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Encouraging Independence at Work

Office Scenario

Employees need some sort of autonomy in the workplace. Most people work better when they are left alone to their tasks with minimal supervision. If you see employees who are like this, it is best to encourage them as they are more productive working like this.

Take advantage of this independence. You can allow employees work on their own projects, granted that they do not neglect their assigned tasks. This not only tells them that you trust them but this will also instill more confidence in your employees.

You can also give new responsibilities to employees who you know are capable of multi-tasking. This will allow them to break the monotony of work and this will also challenge them to learn new skills. You can do this by cross training them, or by letting employees learn another person’s job.

Employees who feel like they’re being watched at work all the time will feel constrained. Instead of being able to work comfortably, they will feel tensed and will thus be prone to stress and mistakes. We’re not saying that you let your employees do what they want. Just back off a little and give hem space.


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