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Exercising Your Brain


The brain like any other part of your body needs constant stimulation so that it won’t lose its sharpness. Here are a few simple tips so that your brain will continue to stay sharp even as you grow older.

Read. Don’t just limit your reading to magazines and newspapers. Try reading two kinds of books at the same time. Alternate fiction and non fiction. They will not only help you increase of keep your level of vocabulary but it will also call out to both your creative and your practical sides.

Learn. Don’t stop learning. Enroll in classes or teach yourself through books. It doesn’t matter if it’s something practical as crocheting, or theoretical physics.

Solve problems. Buy those sodoku or crossword magazines. You can even help your children or grandchildren with their math homework.

Avoid overindulging in alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, and sweets. Instead, eat a nutritious diet to keep both the mind and the body healthy.


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