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Extend Your Notebook’s Life

Laptop Screen

Computer notebooks aren’t exactly the least expensive of things, yet they are the most used gadgets by many. Here are some ways on how to extend your notebook’s life so you won’t have to replace it more than you have to:

Avoid eating and drinking (or doing anything that involves liquids) in the near proximity of your laptop. If you can’t avoid it (like you need to work in a cafe or somewhere), then please be careful. Most notebooks are damaged by accidental spillage. In case this happens, do not panic. Absorb most of the liquids using soft towels or paper napkins. Do not turn the machine back on. Leave it to dry first.

Shift to power saving mode or shut down when you are not using your laptop. This will extend the battery life as opposed to letting it run all the time.

Use a protective padded case when you are traveling with your laptop. This will help prevent impact damage. Make sure that is fully turned off, not only to avoid battery depletion, but also to lessen damage to your hard drive.

Cool your laptop properly. Do not place them on soft surfaces (such as your lap, the bed, or a blanket) for long periods of time.

Have a regular maintenance schedule (such as defragmenting, check-up for errors) for your laptop. Update all softwares and drives. Performing regular back-ups is also recommended.


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