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Finding the Right Pediatrician


It is a given fact that parents only wants what’s best for their children. And yes, that includes a pediatrician to whom they can entrust the health and safety of their kids. Finding the right pediatrician is fairly easy if your family already has an established doctor. But for new parents out there who are fairly novices in the parenting department, this can be daunting. Here are some tips on how to look for the perfect pediatrician.

Ask friends and family
in the area if they can recommend a pediatrician. If you are fairly new to the area and don’t have many connections yet, you can always ask your obstetrician if they can recommend you one. You may also want to ask medical professionals you know. You can search for local mothers’ groups. Not only will you make new friends, but they will also help you adapt to your new role as a mom. Get several names so you can still make choices.

Research a bit. Find out if the pediatrician is “Board Certified.” Confirm if clinic of hospital the pediatrician is based accepts your insurance plan then call if they accept new patients.

Make sure that they fit your needs.
Schedule a first appointment. This first meeting will help you find out if the doctor’s personality meshes with yours. This way, you know that your child will be treated as how you would treat them.

Another factor to consider is if they are able to offer additional services. Some physicians partner with other pediatricians so there would always be an on-call doctor who can make house calls during emergencies. Some clinics also have equipment for diagnostic tests so you won’t have to go to a separate laboratory to get them.


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