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Firefox Tip: Get a Better Access to about:config with gui:config

GUI:ConfigFirefox is now in version and the new versions of old add-ons are doing pretty much their job (and quite well). Anyway, this gives us a chance to revisit some of the power user tips we’ve had over here and perhaps offer tips and tricks for the old dog (fox) to learn.

If you need to tweak Firefox’s behavior more to your geeky likings, all you have to do is to access the in-depth configuration by accessing the about:config page. However, staring at all the properties and values in the page can still confuse users old and new alike.

Code wizards may be okay with the way the about:config page looks like but Firefox noobs might be quite intimidated by it. And intimidation always kills the curious cat.

Here’s a plug-in you might consider trying – gui:config. It organizes all of the options into tabs, options, checkboxes and lists. It gives you a more presentable (ergo palatable) about:config page.


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