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Fitting Room No-no’s


Do you notice how sales people and other customers sneak you an evil glance every time you come out of a stall when you try clothes on in fitting rooms. You may not know it but you probably always breach fitting room etiquette. Find out which fitting room no-no you are guilty of doing:

You are messy. You leave the stall like a whirlwind has blown through it. There are pieces of paper, candy wrappers, and used tissues littering the floor. Those are things you throw in garbage cans. Before leaving the stall, make sure to check if you’ve left anything behind, and that includes your trash.

You hog the stall. You take more than five items with you to the stall to try them all on as slowly as possible that when you do leave the stall, there is a very long line in front of it waiting for you. Take only three to five items with you and try each one. Narrow down your choices outside the stall.

You bring your entourage with you. You bring your friends with you. They get inside the stall. You talk very loudly and giggle uncontrollably. You hog the mirrors and your friends pull the curtains of other stalls leaving other shoppers embarrassed. Make sure your friends know which stall you are located. Talk softly and leave the gossip until when you’re outside.


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