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Food for Thought: Should You Pay More or Less?


When we shop, we almost always try to cart the cheapest in the display. This follows our belief that the price does not necessarily equate with the quality of the product. But there are products where a few bucks can mean a long-term investment.

First you gotta know the stuff that easily loses its value. Among them are clothes. Clothes quickly get out of fashion, and you can easily outgrow them especially if your weight fluctuates often. So before you buy the branded, make sure you’re gonna use it long enough to feel it’s worth the money you paid for it.

Technology can be tricky. Pricey gadgets sold today can be available for half as much after a few months. But cheap appliances and other electronics usually catch up on maintenance problems.

Before purchasing an affordable furniture and kitchen utensils, make sure you trust the manufacturer. Furniture that’s well made can last for years and even decades. Ditto for kitchen utensils. One time I thought I got a good deal getting a cheap non-stick, non-branded frying pan, but a few weeks after, the pan is not even worth its bargain price.

Ask for warranty and service inclusions. Some products are a bit more expensive than others, but they guarantee you of service for parts and labor so you get more than the item.


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