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For Students: Getting Rid of Exam Anxiety


School has started once again and exam periods are usually the most detested yet most unavoidable stuff a student has to go through. Well, here are some tips on how to get through them without breaking int sweat (maybe just a bit).

The best way to get rid of exam anxiety is to be well-prepared. People who are confident in taking exams are the ones who haven’t crammed the night before. So if you wish to take the exam without feeling that you need several bathroom breaks, study and study well. You can ask your teacher about the coverage of the exam so you can prepare study notes and reviewers on them. This will help you become more prepared for the examination.

Remember that exams are just measurements of your ability to retain information. It does not measure your intelligence. There really is no need to fear them. The more that you are overcome by your fear, the more you will lose your concentration during the exam.

Be more confident. If you prepared well then you have nothing to fear. Trust yourself to do the best that you can. Take a deep breath and relax.  Tell yourself that you can do it. That you can beat this test. Focus on the exam and rely on what you’ve studied and remembered during your review.


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