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Getting a Job Despite the Recession

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Planning to resign or you’ve been let go by your company because of the recent recession? Relax and get your game plan. These are some tips on how to make sure you get a job even in these difficult times:

Research on which industries have not been affected by the failing economy. There are industries out there that are quite stable – those which continue to operate regardless of the state of the economy. You can also think forward. Which industries might become more stable in the near future?

Improve your skills. While you are on the hunt, polish skills that you’ve forgotten or self-study if you need to update your skills in several computer software that are popularly used in companies.

Update your resume. Don’t be contented with the resume you’ve had these past few years. Review, add or delete information as needed. Showcase your talents, skills, and achievements. Remove those insignificant details. Proofread for typographical and grammar errors. Take time to tailor fit the resume to each application you’re submitting. Make it perfect!

Exhaust your job search contacts. Try to apply from 10 to 20 jobs a day. You can look online, search through newspaper ads, ask help from your friends etc. You can even opt to sign up for updates from job agencies. Don’t rule out temp or contract positions.These jobs might be your door to something much bigger.

Your last resort is to move somewhere there are more jobs. It involves a lot of factors to consider but if this means havingĀ  a bigger possibility of finding a job, then this might be the solution to your problem. Think about it.


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One Response to “Getting a Job Despite the Recession”

  • cwewae says:

    This is good advice. A good job search uses the little tips and social netowrking really brings that to life. Just by starting with your immediate network of classmates, friends and colleagues you can make a huget step forward. And if your friends arent hiring they’ll know someone who is! There’s a really helpful book called The Power of Small (by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval) that has tips on social networking and person-to-person networking ideas. Worked for me, I just started my new job Monday!

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