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Getting Amplifiers for Your Car Stereo


Here are a few considerations over which to ponder when it comes to buying a new stereo system for your car:

Research and find out as much technical information about your car’s current stereo and speakers. You will base your purchase on this so take note. Determine where you want to put your amplifier. Select a location where it can get plenty of air so it won’t overheat. Write down the area and dimensions of the stereo system and amplifier. Measure if it doesn’t state in the manual.

Have your info at hand when you go to the shop and have a salesperson or installer look the details over. Ask what power rating you should consider based on the info and your own taste and needs. Ask for at least three systems you can choose from. Make a comparison of the amplifiers’ power ratings. Most people use 4 ohms as standard. If you wish to add subwoofers to your system later, choose an amp that’s stable down to 2 ohms.

Ask to have the amplifiers tested. Better if they can be plugged into a radio and speakers similar to the ones that exist in your car. Listen to the performance of each before you make your final decision.


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