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Getting Better AM Radio Signal


Does your AM radio have bad reception? Then read on:

Bad radio reception can be caused mainly by interferences in the signal strength. The first cause can be the length of the antenna. Usually, the higher the antenna, the stronger the signal becomes. Some radio sets only have internal antennas and can’t be adjusted.

Another cause is physical obstruction. Buildings surrounding the radio can also decrease signal strength. Bad weather can also causes radio signals to become awry due to rain and winds. Surrounding appliances and devices that are run by electric motor can also interfere.

So how do you resolve this?

If you are in a building made of strong concrete, aluminum, or bricks, make sure that you place your radio set near an open window.

Adjust the antenna and increase its height. If the radio has an internal antenna, you can try placing the radio higher, such as the top of a cabinet or something.

Also,try not to place the radio near an appliance. If the radio is battery operated, try replacing the batteries and see if that helps.


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