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Getting Kids to Do Chores


You know about this. You tried avoiding doing chore too when you were young. But it’s different now, you’re the parent and it’s your kids who are refusing to be useful around the house. This time, it’s you who is not taking “no” for an answer. What do you do?

Everyone will do their chores if you make it a point to incorporate it in your daily routine. Doing chores won’t seem bothersome to them if they have already become a habit. Introduce age-appropriate chores while they’re still young and you won’t need to tell them what to do later on.

Keep a chore chart in the kitchen or family room so that the children can keep track of the things they need to do. They can also tick off their chore once they’re done with it. You can always have a reward system wherein a week’s completed chore is equal to an extra hour or two of playing their favorite game console. You can always discuss this with your kids.

Make sure that you keep things fun and lighthearted. If you treat doing chores as too serious or as if it’s a pain you’d rather not have (hone your acting skills!), your children can pick this up and will get too lazy.

Follow through. Be consistent in assigning and monitoring your children when it comes to chore work.


One Response to “Getting Kids to Do Chores”

  • Chadder says:

    It all comes down to channelising their energies that contributes to a happy and healthy childhood. And what better way to get them do their chores by giving them responsibilities and rewarding them with cash or kind.
    I faced a lot of problems making my girls, 7 and 3, do the basic picking up after them jobs. I was yelling myself hoarse just to pick up their toys after they finished playing with them. It was easier to do it myself. But when will they learn?
    It was then that I started out on the net. I came across the chore charts. I then planned a little bit. I asked each of my daughters to chose their favorite design (they chose from kidrewardzone) and took a print. I would use a star for each chore done and a minus for a negative behavior like tantrums, untidy rooms, etc. A coin(money) would correspond each star and a coin would be removed for a minus. They did not like the minuses, when they got them initially. Slowly, it came down considerably. They try to get full 10 points and the corresponding money, too. Now, to my surprise, they now understand the concept of money and time too!!!

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