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Getting to Your Goals


Goal setting is not just deciding on which goals to take. There is quite some time and effort needed to make sure that you set the right goals and get there. You can even say that there’s a science to it. Here are some tips on how you manage your goals properly to ensure success:

Pursue realistic goals. Make sure that what you want proves worthy of your time, money, and energy. Not everything can prove to be . You might have to make smaller versions of your big goal so that they’d be more achievable. And keep in mind that there will be other goals that you’ll have to sacrifice or postpone. Be willing to compromise.

Do you know SMART goals in project management? They also work well with life goals. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. These five will be your best criteria to find out if your goals are realistic enough to pursue. Specific means that your goal has a clear focus. Measurable means that your goal’s results is easy to determine. Achievable means your goal is doable. Relevant means your goal makes sense to you. Finally, time-based means your goal operates on a particular time frame.

Plan your goals thoroughly. Keep a journal of your thoughts and actions so you’ll know where you are at, which actions work, and which don’t.  With a journal, you can review your goals regularly. You can check off tasks that have been completed, or mini goals (milestones) that have been achieved.

Deligate your resources effectively. If one goal is hogging most of your resources, then you should probably ditch it or modify it.

Involve other people in pursuing your goals. You have to keep in mind that nothing can be done without the help (directly or indirectly) of people around you. So don’t have tunnel vision and keep your perspective wide and clear.


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