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Getting Your Kids into Gardening

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Gardening is your pastime – and you enjoy it a lot. But how do you get the rest of your family to get into it? Start with the kids because they need a healthy hobby.

One day when they’re bored, ask them to come work with you in the garden. Bored kids have the highest chance to say yes because they have nothing else to do.

Make it fun. Teach them how to plant annual flowers–they grow fast. Another way to make it exciting is by giving them the type of plants they don’t usually see–pink potatoes or purple beans. They might get bored with plants they can see anywhere.

Give them a piece of land. Once you see a potential growing interest, give them their own piece of the yard – just a small one, and put a nice label that says “Peter’s Garden” or whatever your child’s name is.

Do it indirectly. Involve him in a garden project such as making a scarecrow or a birdhouse and make the garden your venue. The project will make him visit the garden more often.

Be dirty. Kids love to play with mud and dirt. So tell them you’re gonna dig for earthworms and touch dirty soil.


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  • lifehope says:

    But if your desire is ignored by others… For example, if the mom wants so but the father rejects ….

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