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Giving a Cell Phone as a Present

A Little Boy with a Cellphone
Are you planning to buy a relative or a friend a cell phone as a gift? Here are some tipz on how to buy the right phone for them:

How much are you willing to spend? Some phones can be really cheap and some phones can be really expensive depending on their features. If you plan to gift someone with a cell phone, then make sure you set yourself a price limit. This way you’ll know which models to stay away from – those that are out of range of your budget.

How old is the recepient? Older people might appreciate something more practical and less flashy. However a teenager may want something more up-to-date and hip. Give something age-appropriate. Or it will also help to consider… personality!
What type of person is the beneficiary? Do they like music? Are they perpetually lost and can benefit from a phone with a GPS and navigation device? Are they shutter bugs? Would they like a camera with their phone?
All of these are good questions to ask when getting somebody else a cell phone. It is always best to observe the recipient (You can get a good idea if they already have an existing unit) and/or ask around people who are close to the recipient about what the latter would like in a new phone.

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