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Giving Feedback


Giving and receiving proper feedback is important in the workplace. An insightful feedback helps a person maintain good performance as well as improve on areas that need some work. S how do you give proper feedback?

Be clear and specific. Although it is nice to hear that, “you’ve done a good job,” that line isn’t exactly a proper feedback. Improve that by specificying that, “You’re presentation was clear and precise and it seems that you know the subject very well.” This is so that the person can clearly identify what he or she should maintain and which ones he or she needs to improve on.

Be constructive. Do not criticize for the sake of criticizing. Be sure that you give feedback that are pertinent and relevant. If you have suggestions, then you can include this in your feedback.

Be polite. Stick to the facts and stick to the actual feedback. Do not compare one person with another. Do not shout or use hurtful words. Do not make things personal. This is not the time to assert your position or to humiliate a co worker. Remember that the purpose of a feedback is to help people perform better.


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