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Grooming Eyebrows


Although eyebrows can be done by professionals in a salon, there is no reason why you can do it yourself at home. Well-groomed eyebrows can make a difference to one’s features. It can also help frame the eyes.

Wash your face first. Don’t forget to scrub your eyebrows. This will prevent dirt from getting into your pores when you will leave them open later on.

Using a cotton ball of a cotton pad, apply some toner or astringent on your entire face, paying special attention to the eyebrow area.

Face a well-lighted mirror. Use a slanted pair of tweezers. Place your forefinger parallel and above the brow, pulling the skin taut. Start plucking with the inside corner of one eyebrow. Do this one hair at a time so it won’t be too painful.

Work fron the inside corner to the outside on the bottom of the brow. Do this until the desired effect is achieved. Just take your time. Do not overpluck as you can always pluck more later. Repeat this procedure with the other brow.

Using a cotton ball, wipe toner or astringent around the brows. This will clean any dirt that have gotten there. Get a small ice cub and rub it on your newly-plucked brows. This will close the pores. Dry your face gently with a clean towel.

Get a brow brush and brush in an upwards and outwatds motion from the center. Done!


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