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Have a Less Expensive Summer


Here are some tips on how to be lean and mean during the summer holidays.

Take advantage of the wonderful weather. If you have a backyard, why don’t you try growing your own vegetables? Not only will this be a good bonding activity with the kids, you’ll also eventually save on buying veggies in the grocery store. Besides, there’s nothing sweeter than fresh, organic produce that is the result of your own labor and love.

Be active. Cancel your gym membership and workout for free instead. How to do this? Go out for long walks, swim in the community pool. If you live near the beach, swim there instead. Save on fuel by cycling or rollerblading to work (that is if you don’t have to cover a lot of miles).

The hot summer sun can dehydrate you so drink more water. Don’t be fooled by the hunger pangs. If you’re not drinking enough water, they could be a sign that you are dehydrated.  Avoid buying more food stuff and bring a bottle of water everywhere.

Stay at home. Host a backyard barbecue, where everyone can bring food. Or perhaps, you may want to allow your children to do some backyard camping with other kids. Sometimes, such simple stuff is all the summer vacation that you’ll ever need.


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