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Help Your Kid Develop Confidence

It’s hard to be a single dad, and it gets harder as kids grow older. They just have more complicated issues other than food and homework. But it’s nothing you can’t handle. Because you were yourself a teen once, and you lived through it.

Set a regular bonding time. Kids need to interact with you because being with their families help reveal who they really are. They need to feel that they belong to a family. Consider these suggestions for family time: go out on a picnic, play Frisbee, go hiking, go fishing, visit relatives, camp out or eat our in restos.

Celebrate his achievements, big or small. In order to be motivated to always excel, he has to feel that you’re proud of him every time he accomplishes something. Don’t hesitate to give praises and rewards for a job well done.

Encourage him to be independent. If he wants to go to college in a university far from home, support it. Independence is a good character builder.

When he makes mistakes, give constructive criticism, not bickering and never mocking. Your child needs you when he’s successful, but he needs you more when he’s lost. Teach him how to get things right and believe in his ability to recover from defeat.

Teach him about making responsible decisions. It’s good to teach your child that every action has a consequence so that he will grow up to be conscientious and with a sense of accountability and discipline. It will also help him avoid the negative effects of peer pressure.

Cheer them on with their chosen sports or hobby. If they like to figure-skate, play hockey, or write a novel, help them develop the talent.


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