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How to Communicate Better with Family Members


No family is perfect and each has its own set of issues. But it doesn’t mean we should stop trying to make things more comfortable at home. The family can be, after all, our closest friends.

Communication is the key to being a closer family. Bring the family closer together with these tips.

Always make the family dinner an event. Family dinner is that one time in a day which you should reserve for family time. Keep each other posted on what you’re doing and what keeps you busy.

Schedule family vacation time. The holy week is coming up so there’s a string of non-work days for some.

Help children with homework. If all your child needs is a little guidance, maybe you don’t have to hire a private tutor.

Take the kids along. Why not bring the kids to where you’re going instead of leaving them at home with a stranger?

Watch TV together. Sure, your kids wanna watch cartoons all day and you might also want to watch the news. But compromising on a family show has the power of having the whole family in one couch.

Be sensitive to each person’s sensibilities. Every one in your family has a different personality. Know their character, and respect them so they’ll respect you, too.


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One Response to “How to Communicate Better with Family Members”

  • Aurora Page says:

    How do you get your sister to stop hating you? What should I do to prove myself to her. Seems to me she’s the one with the issue, not me.

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