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How to De-stress All in on Day

It’s amazing how work can really run your life and you don’t notice it until the last minute. When we’re busy, the adrenaline rush is so strong that sometimes, stress becomes addictive. Before that happens, remember that life is not all about work, and you deserve a break. Here’s how you can lose all those wrinkles with just one day of bliss.

Start by filing a leave. Whether you’ve been planning it for weeks, or you just thought of it today, don’t show up at the office today.

Wake up early or wake up late. You can rise early so you can enjoy a day full of activities, or you can sleep overtime because you never get to do that (more sleeping time is never a bad thing).

Be choosy with the people you’re with. This day, you don’t have time to spend with people you don’t really like. If you meet the usual annoying characters, don’t stay long to chat. Simply say you’re off to an errand and meet with friends who make you laugh.

Eat only what you’re craving for. Ever craved for that hotdog but the store is several blocks away? Well today you can drive all the way to wherever you want to satisfy your taste buds.

Flirt if you’re single and looking. When you’re at the office, you barely have time for romance. And it’s not as if the guys there are worth your time, anyway. Since you’re free today, hit the mall and be on the lookout for a hottie. The day shouldn’t end without a date.

Visit your family. If your parents live on the other side of town, now could be a good time to have a mini-reunion. It’s not holiday season, but it doesn’t mean you don’t miss them, right?

Get yourself a spa treatment. It’s about time you get a massage. Loosen those muscles and get some pampering. You deserve it.


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