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How to Deal with an Insecure Boyfriend

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Is your guy insecure? If he is then you’re probably having a hard time dealing with it because it ain’t easy. We all want a guy who’s mature and confident, not someone who’s unsure of himself.

Here are tips on how you can deal with an insecure guy.

Help him build his fortress of security. His insecurity could be rooted on the fact that you’re still pursued by other men even if you’re already committed in a relationship. Your friendships with other guys might give him jealousy. You have to convince him that the friendships you have with other guys are only platonic.

Help him understand. He needs to hear from you that there’s no reason to be insecure. Point to him his good traits and attributes and boost his ego when he needs it. Be his cheerleader. He needs to hear how wonderful he is from the woman he loves.

Let him be. When he’s feeling bad about himself, give him space. You don’t have to keep saying and explaining things until he shuts up. He just needs you to stay with him. Give him time to contemplate and reflect and he’ll realize by himself that you love him.

When he’s angry, stay calm. If he’s angry, he could be irrational. If you fight off his aggressiveness with the same level of anger, things might end worse.

Don’t get tired of giving reassurance. You might think your guy is fishing for compliments, but he just really needs the assurance.

Can you handle it? Ask yourself if you have what it takes to manage a steady relationship despite his insecurity. Some girls are just strong enough to handle this kind of setup, some are not. Rethink what you’re looking for in a relationship and find out what’s important to you.


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2 Responses to “How to Deal with an Insecure Boyfriend”

  • Maire says:

    no guy is ever worth the extra stress on top of the usual, daily stress in your life, staying with. DUMP HIM. when you know that you’ve been 100% faithful, lied to that he’ll change after the first break-up, and more, then you know that he deserves a kick in the ass, be repremanded before you pack up your things then drive away. there’s no excuse such as “oh i’ve been with him for so long and i love him…” how long? signs of insecurity show up pretty quick; you should realize this within the first couple of months of a relationship. if you think that you can fix him then that means you either need a hobby or just get a life. this just isn’t worth the energy for a guy who says that he loves you then says terrible shit when he’s got assholes for friends (ones that are promiscuous and would move in on their friends’ girlfriends) and says that you’re trying to get their attention. someone who loves you wouldn’t make you cry every couple of weeks

  • Paul D says:

    Hilarious article about Insecure Boyfriends and how they can’t let go…

    Insecure Boyfriend Guy is so insecure about his female relationship that his philosophy goes something like this: If she doesn’t talk to anyone, doesn’t go anywhere without me, and gives me the password to her Facebook account, then she can’t cheat on me.

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