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How to Deal with Whiners


Among my least favorite people in the world are the whiners. They see all the negative angles of a situation and they always find something to complain about. But the worst effect their whining can do is when their pessimism starts to grow on you too. How do you deal with this kind of people?

What seems to be the simplest strategy is the hardest thing to do. You can think you can ignore them but in reality it gets on your nerves and it gives you added stress. But just like a pathetic joke, if you don’t give it a laugh or even a snicker, it’ll just die.

Give your support. Whiners need support and they whine because they’re crying out for help. Offer what you can do to help and lessen their reason to complain.

Whine just for fun. Just to show them how annoying and infuriating their whining is, give them a dose of their own medicine.

Tell them casually by bringing it up on a light occasion. During lunch breaks or afternoon breaks, you can tell them about it.

Or, you can talk to them seriously about it so they know that you’re serious about it too. You don’t have to report them to the HR department before you tell them that you have a problem with what they do.

Don’t complain about your job but do it well. Be excellent in your job. If you consistently shine with your outputs the whiners will feel a bit of embarrassment on how they act towards their own work load. They’ll soon realize that whining won’t get them anywhere.


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