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How to Fight off Bad Breath


You may have the style and the looks, but if you have bad breath, you’ve got a big problem. Halitosis can give you a lot of social and emotional problems because it’s repulsive. When it seems like people don’t want to talk to you in close range, it’s likely that they can not take the smell that comes out of your mouth.

Fortunately, you can fight off bad breath by being conscious of your hygiene and adopting a few changes in your lifestyle.

  • Keep your tongue clean by scraping it. Your tongue is a favorite spot of bacteria and they feast there when you sleep. So tongue cleaning should be your morning ritual and also after a long nap.
  • Brush your teeth regularly but don’t brush too hard to avoid gum problems. Food that’s stuck between your teeth can give off a foul smell if they’re there for a long time. Buy a toothbrush and a tooth paste separate from the ones you use at home, put it inside your bag, and carry it anywhere you go.
  • Watch what you eat. Check first if you have your toothbrush kit or at least your mouthwash before you devour anything that’s known to cause bad breath.
  • If you don’t have mouthwash, gargle with water so you can wash out whatever you just ate and drank.
  • Practice flossing.
  • Quit smoking. Cigarettes are known to give you bad breath and also bad odor because the smell sticks to your clothes.
  • Don’t speak too closely on anyone’s face. Maintain a good distance between your mouth and the other person’s face so he won’t smell everything in your mouth.
  • There is the belief that electric or battery-powered toothbrushes clean teeth better than your average toothbrush. It might be worth a shot. Also, if your teeth and gums are sensitive, you can switch to those with softer bristles.

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