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How to Freeload


Now that the economy has been down for quite some time, we should all do our little ways of coping. Aside from being smart with grocery and shopping, one thing we can also do is to shamelessly freeload. Freeloading is an ingenious way of not having to shell-out. Here’s how to do it.

Be super popular. You can’t freeload if you’re not popular. And the only way to do that is to make as many friends as you can. Be more approachable and friendly, and try to blend in with different circles. Being a social butterfly means you’re not limited to one circle of friends–that means more people has got your back.

Look up free stuff on the internet and on the newspaper ads. There are always ongoing promos which give free stuff as part of a marketing strategy. Just pretend to be a customer and you’ll get to enjoy the perks, too.

Gatecrash. If you happen to be in a hotel, and there’s a luncheon going on in a function room nearby, you might wanna gatecrash. First investigate who the attendees are. Some events are exclusive functions where the guests are limited to who’s on the guest list. Look for events which allow walk-ins and simply slip inside, pretending you’re an attendee. They’re bound to serve lunch and other freebies.


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