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How to Get the Positive Eye of the Boss

We all want to our boss to favor us—to be the apple of his eye. Who doesn’t? Being the boss’ favorite entitles you to a lot of perks—higher salary, more compliments, and bigger chances at promotion. However, bosses have a common policy against practicing favoritism. But that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to boost your chances and invest on a good employee-boss relationship, right?

Share a two-way communication. There are a lot of valid reasons why you should hesitate to talk with your boss. You might end up saying something that can get you in trouble. However, NOT saying anything will get you in more trouble. Open communication, where your boss gives you instructions and you ask questions and clarifications is the best way to make sure that you understand each other.

Be helpful during evaluation. In most cases, evaluation is one-way—your boss gives constructive criticism of your performance and you just listen intently. But you may need to defend yourself at times, when the boss has the wrong impression of you. During my last year’s evaluation, I was misjudged and I couldn’t just shut up about it. I had to tell my side of the story. Now, my boss has a deeper understanding of my personality, and the way I work which is good because he’ll understand how I operate.

Make justifications, not excuses. It’s inevitable that you will commit mistakes every now and then. When it happens, give your reason why you did what you did, and why you thought it was a good idea. This way, your boss will see that you’re capable of making decisions. On the other hand, if you keep making excuses to defend your mistakes, you’ll just look unprofessional.


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