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How to Give a Best Man’s Speech

Delivering a speech on weddings is always terrifying. So many expectant faces, waiting to hear some wisdom–the pressure is just too much! But you can’t back out now; not when you’re the groom’s best friend and the best man. Consider these tips before you bail out.

Do it for your friend. If it were your wedding and you asked him to be your best man, he wouldn’t refuse, would he? You should be proud you were chosen among his buddies.

What do you write in the speech? Of course you don’t do it on the spot, unless you’re a pro. Draft out the things you want to say, and think of happy thoughts as you make it. First of all you have to introduce yourself and tell the audience how you’re related to the groom. And then give an insightful message how you think your friend will make a good husband and family man. You can also give anecdotes of how you know the couple is “meant to be”.

Keep it brief. The best thing about delivering the best man speech is that you don’t even have to talk long. You’re only allowed a few minutes to say your kind words, lest you steal your friend’s thunder.

Let go of the bottle. Stay sober at least until you’ve finished speaking.

Remember the DON’Ts. Like recounting history which is best forgotten or inside jokes which the bride might not get, like digressing to a totally different story not about the couple, like reading your speech from a piece of paper.

Raise your glass to propose a toast. End your brief and sincere speech with a call for cheer to the newly-weds.


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