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How to Keep Your Job

Career Move

To make sure that you won’t be affected in the company’s plan to downsize, your only option is to shine, shine, shine among your team. Now, more than ever, you have to show the management that you are not dispensable and that it’s worth keeping (and even promoting) you.

Be reliable every time. Even if you won’t get overtime pay for finishing a project, you still finish it on time so that you can submit and meet your deadlines. Bosses only care about the effort if you were able to deliver the desired output.

Have some initiative. Be the person who makes suggestions for project improvements and not the passive employee. Be active! Show that you have a mind of your own and that you can also be a leader.

Multi-task if needed. You wanna be seen as essential to the company so you have to prove that you’re worth more that what they pay you for.

Be patient. Your boss is not perfect but you have to endure it because you need your job. Unless you have a better offer, all you can do is make sure that your job post is stable and secure.

Follow company policies. Now is the time to be punctual and follow all SOPs.


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