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How to Make Sacrifices for Your Budget

Respecting your budget means you have to live within the limits it allows you. So many times you’ve set budgets but how many times have you actually lived by it? Let’s look into the ways on how you can be more disciplined and defined by what you can afford.

Avoid celebrating on holidays. You might be labeled as a Scrooge, but hey, at the end of the festivities, you get to be the one who lost the least amount of money. If you can’t completely eradicate all the holidays out of your system, reduce them by at least half of what you usually celebrate. Go by the holidays which you really don’t mind not commemorating such as some relatives’ birthdays or anniversaries. Come to think of it, if you’re dateless on Valentine’s that could even be good news for you.

Go into hiding on Christmas and on holidays which has the tradition of giving out gifts. Going out of town to celebrate Christmas on your own could be a saving strategy. Yes, it could be a bit sad, considering you’d be passing what could be a fun family reunion, but then think of the money you’ll save! During family celebrations of Christmas, the kids almost always lineup for goodies or money, and you’re almost always expected to be generous. Take your pick, and make sacrifices.

Refuse invites of good times. Every now and then your friends organize some sort of party. And while these can be very relaxing, they can also cost a lot. Just try saying NO for a month and see if the money you save can motivate you to keep doing it.

Mix and match your outfits. So what if you can’t buy new outfits this year? You can always use mix and match your outfits so that sets will look new.


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