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How to Support Green living in Small Ways


The green revolution needs more supporters, and you can do a lot to help. You don’t have to join an official organization because there are small practical things which can have a big impact to the environment. Take a look at these tips.

  • These days, there are a lot of hand wash products and hand gels especially made for cleaning hands, that you might have forgotten that good ol’ soap and water combination is enough.
  • Reuse glass jars or bottles so you won’t have to buy new vase or containers.
  • Buy grocery in wholesale when you have the money. When you buy in retail, you consume more grocery bags. By doing this, you can also save on transportation costs because you don’t have to do your grocery often. Post a blank sheet of paper in the ref and take note of things you have to buy in your next grocery schedule. This should help you to never forget anything.
  • Grow your own garden. If you have a free piece of small land in your backyard, why not plant your own green? Tomatoes and strawberries are easy enough to grow.
  • Use public transportation when you can. Sometimes it’s even more convenient. You won’t have problems on parking and traffic.
  • Don’t print documents when you can review them on your computer screen. Ink prices can be costly. But some people need a hard copy to review a material. If that’s the case, so you can print a fast draft so you can save on ink.
  • Don’t buy food items which are under threat of extinction, like fish and other sea foods.
  • Dispose your waste properly, especially the toxic solutions so they don’t end up flowing to our water supply.
  • Support your community’s program to segregate waste.

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