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Improving Relations with the Boss


Improving relations with the boss is not necessary, but if you wish to have a more fulfilling professional life, then one must make an effort. We’re not talking about being the boss’ pet. It’s simply being able to communicate better with the people in the workplace, and one of those people is the boss.

De-mystify the boss. Get to know the boss better. Stop thinking that your boss is some kind of ogre – frightening and thus, unapproachable. Your boss is like any other human being. If you try to see the boss in a more approachable light, then you won’t get the sweats at the thought of just saying good morning.

Meet the boss at a common ground. Relate to your boss the way he or she relates to others. If your boss is the type who will chat with everyone, then you’ll have no problems smiling and greeting the boss when you meet him and her. If the boss is a no-nonsense, direct-type then approach him or her like so. Go to your boss only if you have business-related agenda.

Be transparent, honest, and professional. These are the traits that ny type of boss would appreciate. If you’ve made a mistake, tell the boss as soon as possible. This shows your trust in your boss. Your honesty in turn will make the boss trust you as well. You may probably not rub elbows in a more social setting in the near future, but if there is someone that the boss would go to for more sensitive and lucrative projects, then he already has a person in mind.


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