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Improving Your Handwriting


Has your handwriting been a sore point in your otherwise perfectly impeccable skills set? No worries. Here are some suggestions on how to make your chicken scrawls more legible:

You’ll be needing some tools so get them ready:

  • lined paper in a rule with which you are comfortable using
  • pen or pencil that you can grip comfortably with your fingers

Improving one’s handwriting does not happen overnight so be prepared to do a lot of practice.

Set a few minutes everyday wherein you can sit down at a table and practice writing a few lines. Five to ten minutes every night after dinner is long enough.

Start with individual letters. One or two letters a day is fine. Concentrate on the strokes. Don’t bother with speed at first. Do this until you’re done with the whole alphabet.

Continue with words and/or phrases. Pay close attention to how your writing flows from one word to the next. Mind your spacing between words too.

Next, choose a test sentence. You can develop a new one every week. Write it at the top of your practice page. Write this sentence over and over, gradually trying to increase speed without breaking your stride.

Do this until you are satisfied with the results.


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