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Keeping an Organized Cubicle


Do you want to be more productive at work? Let’s start with organizing your personal work space – your cubicle!

Focus on your desk
. If you can’t see your desk, then it means that it is full of clutter. Place your computer in the corner if you have a desk that splits in two connection sections that meet in a corner. This will free up the entire desk for other work. You can place your phone beside the computer if you have one.

Arrange files and documents so you have one side for incoming tasks and the other side for outgoing files and mail. This way, you won’t confuse which tasks are already done and which ones yo’ll have to do. You won’t have to spend time sorting through all the paperwork all the time.

Have a bulletin board propped or mounted on the wall behind your desk. You can pin a calendar and other important notes. You can also create a calendar for critical deadlines.

Buy dividers for your drawers so you can store supplies according to their size.

Organized doesn’t necessarily mean boring. Add a mug or a few knick-knacks such as small framed pictures of family and friends, just don’t overdo it.

For personal storage, reserve one drawer or a space in your drawer or cabinet for your personal effects.


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